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18K Gold Egyptian Revival Scarab Bracelet


Made of stunning 18k gold, this scarab bracelet is part of the high-end souvenir market for travelers in Egypt, and was most likely a treasure brought home from an adventure abroad. The bracelet consists of eight three-dimensional scarabs, linked together consecutively. The scarabs are standing upright on four legs, leaving a bit of space between them and the plaques they stand on. The scarab is bent to assume a half-dome shape, adding to the dimensionality of the piece without adding to the weight. The wings are hand engraved with bright cut work. Each scarab stands on an oval plaque which mirrors the image of the scarab on the topside, and contains the hieroglyphic of a beetle on the bottom. The front and back of this bracelet are equally beautiful. The gold has a rich color and high karat look. 

The bracelet is held together by an oval clasp, positioned horizontally, that mirrors the oval scarabs. The clasp contains lovely bright cut work that matches that seen on the wings of the scarabs. 

The bracelet is 7 1/4” long and 3/4” wide. It weighs 25.7 grams. Each scarab contains the maker’s mark for 18k gold. 

Circa the 1990’s. Egyptian Revival is one of everyone’s favorite categories of jewelry, as it captures the mystery and mystique of civilizations lost long ago. During the early 19th century, the discoveries of ancient archaeological finds influenced and introduced what is referred to as "Egyptian Revival Jewelry." The first Egyptian Revival period began around the 1820’s and was inspired by the ancient Egyptian ruins being unearthed at the time. Images such as the scarab beetle, sphinxes, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics became popular, and are still often seen in contemporary jewelry today. 

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