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18K Gold Edwardian Jockey Pin with Enamel Details


This 18k gold Edwardian pin is hand-tooled, each detail carefully articulated on the horse and jockey. The horse glistens because of the way tiny lines are hand cut into the gold, and lifelike detail is carved into the saddle, face, hooves, and mane. The horse is captured mid-stride, giving the figure movement and motion. The jockey wears a white helmet, blue shirt, and red pants, all done in impeccable enamel, still in perfect condition. 

Circa 1910, a lot of detail went into the creation of this small piece. Equestrian motifs were often seen in Edwardian era jewelry, as horse racing was a popular pastime. 

The pin weighs 4.1 grams. The horse measures 1” x 1/2”. 

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