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18K Gold Early Victorian Diamond Trilogy Ring with Blue Enamel Details


This 18k gold early Victorian ring features three Old Mind Cut diamonds encased in blue enamel square details. The diamonds are housed in a square, carved out setting in the 18k gold that creates a gorgeous contrast against the navy blue. The center square is larger, with a punched out format that raises it a layer above the rest of the ring. The deep blue enamel creates a ribbonlike detail on each end of the design. The diamonds are bead set, which enhances their sparkle and gives the visual illusion that they are square-shaped. At a larger size of 10.5, this makes a great unisex ring, ideal for a man or a woman’s middle finger. 

The ring contains approximately 1/3 of a carat of natural antique diamonds. The center diamond is 3.5 mm, and two side diamonds are 2.5 mm. All three diamonds are Old Mine Cut with chunky shape and large culets. The diamonds are bright and lively, H-I in color, SL2 in clarity. 

The ring is marked with 18CT and the maker’s mark of “G.TS”. The center square is 3/8” wide and the band tapers down to 3/16” on the bottom. The ring weighs 6.3 grams. 

Ring size 10.5; due to the enamel, we do not recommend resizing. 

This could make a beautiful wedding band but is also perfect for anyone who wants a treasured piece of the past. We currently have a women’s ring in our collection that makes a beautiful counterpart to this ring and could make a matching pair of wedding rings. See our 15K Early Victorian Diamond and Blue Enamel Star Ring. 

Circa 1850. 

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