Kirsten's Corner

18K Gold Eagle Locket with Ocean Landscape


In a fabulous bas relief, an eagle comes to life—its wings outstretched, enveloping the circular format of the locket. On the lower half, breaking waves and ocean turbulent wrap around the sun. With a diamond as the center, behind it are rays of sunshine, representing either sunrise or sunset. The Art Nouveau design is a beautiful use of the circular format, with dynamic composition and implied movement. The locket has a matte finish that gives the 18k gold a warm glow, and allows you to see detail even better than a shiny finish would.

The locket opens up to hold images on both sides. It opens and closes with great precision and a nice click. On the back, the initials CSF are written in beautiful script, in a composition that mirrors the mastery seen on the front of the piece. 

The diamond is set in platinum. It is an Old Mine Cut, bright and lively, with a diameter of 2.5mm. The locket is marked as 18k gold, but contains no maker’s mark. It measures 1 1/8” across, 3/8” thick, with an oval bail that is 8 x5 mm. Weighs 7.35 grams.

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