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Vintage 18K Gold & Diamond Unisex Horseshoe Ring


The horse shoe has been a symbol of protection and luck for centuries. The most notable legend being that of the Blacksmith Dunstan (909-988 AD). He was a blacksmith who was shoeing a horse which was actually the devil in disguise. The horseshoes caused the Devil great pain. Dunstan was said to agreed to remove the shoes and release the Devil from pain only after he promised never to enter a house which displayed a horseshoe. From this the symbol of protection, luck and goodness arose. 

This is a great unisex 18k gold and diamond horseshoe ring that is sure to attract good luck! The shank is 18k yellow gold and the horseshoe face is 18k white gold. There are 7 brilliant round cut diamonds. These represent the nails of the horseshoe and the lucky number seven. They are placed symmetrically within the horseshoe in a square setting. Each diamond is broken up by a triangle detail with bright cut work along the borders. These 7 diamonds are bead-set and offer nice texture to the design. They measure 3mm each and have G/H in color and VS-II to SL-I in clarity. The total diamond carat weight for this ring is approximately .8 of a carat.  It's a size 9 and weighs a hefty 21 grams. This ring is not marked but acid tested to be 18k. The horseshoe measures 19 mm wide by 21 mm long.

Circa 1960s-70s.


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