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18K Gold Coral Shaped Mid-century Modern Bombe Ring


Rendered in 18k gold, this beautiful coral-shaped bombe ring is organic in nature with mesmerizing texture. The interweaving of gold stippled petals is similar to brain coral, with spherical shapes and asymmetrical grooves. The inner facets of 18k have a textured matte surface, while the outer edges are shiny—giving this ring a beautiful glow that changes at every angle. 

Named after the French dessert Bombe Glacée, bombe rings are typically smooth and rounded, with curved edges that swell outward. They were first seen in the Edwardian era, and took on more elaborate geometric designs during the Art Deco period. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, bombe rings reached the height of their popularity. A pinnacle of the Mid-Century Modern era, this variation of a bombe ring adds an interesting twist to a classic design. 

Heavy at 16 grams, this ring feels good on your hand. The dome sits approximately 3/8” above the finger and is 3/4” wide. The ring is unmarked but tests as 18k gold. It is a size 7.25, and could be resized. 

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