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18K Gold Burle Marx Aquamarine Organic Form Ring


Designed by one of Brazil’s most famous jewelers, this 18k gold Burle Marx ring captures the colorful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. Its free form, organic, carved aquamarine gemstone and brushed gold are the jewelry equivalent of the infamous Copacabana beach—also designed by a Burle Marx brother! The large aquamarine is a watery blue, with a wave-like shape smoothly carved into its surface. It is bezel set into a ring that has been fashioned around the stone, with a raised bezel that mirrors the organic indentations that can be found along the stone’s edges. The 18k gold has a beautiful, Florentine finish of brushed gold that flows all in one direction. The ring contains all the iconic elements of a Burle Marx piece. 

The Burle Marx brothers have been called “the most amazing and talented brother act in Brazil.” Haroldo was a jewelry designer and gemologist, Roberto was a landscape architect, and Walter was a composer and conductor of the Rio Philharmonic. Haroldo and Roberto often collaborated: Haroldo would create pieces of jewelry to incorporate gems cut and designed by Roberto. The influence of Roberto’s landscape architecture, and the flora and fauna of Brazil, can be seen prominently in these pieces. Haroldo was often commissioned by the government to design jewelry for visiting dignitaries, and the Burle Marx style became incredibly influential in Brazilian fashion and design. 

The aquamarine stone in this ring measures 19 x 23 x 7.5 mm, for a carat weight of approximately 18 carats. Aquamarine is known to have healing properties that are calming and energizing. They bring good luck and a sense of peace, harmony, and balance. They are the birthstone for the month of March. 

The ring weighs 17.7 grams. It is approximately 1” x 13/16” and sits 7/16” high on the finger. It is marked on the interior with “Burle Marx” and “18K”. 

 Ring size 6.5 

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