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18K Gold Blue Enamel Hidalgo Basket Weave Dome Ring


This vintage Hidalgo ring weaves together 18k gold and gorgeous cobalt blue enamel for a bold and striking look. The guilloche enamel is transparent, which allows for the texture of the gold underneath it to shine through with a visual effect that is like water or fish scales. The enamel is high-quality and in perfect condition. It shines with a deep, rich shade of cobalt blue that contrasts beautifully against the 18k gold. Circa 1980’s, the design incorporates the basketweave pattern that is iconic to vintage jewelry. The rounded, soft shapes and edges bring femininity to the piece, while the top of the ring has a dome shape that gives the ring a little height. Along the sides of the ring, there is reeding that gets smaller towards the bottom, culminating into a blended band that could be resized if needed.

The ring’s designer, Silvio Hidalgo, is known for his high-quality enamel pieces, and has been designing jewelry for over 40 years. 

The width of the band, at its thickest point, is 1/2”. It weighs 11 grams. 

Ring size 6.25. 

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