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18K Gold Bar and Citrine Briolette Multi Strand Necklace


This 18k gold necklace consists of three strands of alternating gold bars and citrine briolette beads suspended between delicate gold chain. The shapes in this necklace are reminiscent of gold nuggets: the bars are moon-shaped wedges with a textured surface, while the citrine briollete beads are matched perfectly to the warm, buttery 18k gold, almost appearing to be made of gold as well. The two exterior strands contain both gold bars and citrine beads, while the center strand consists of only gold bars. The pattern variation creates pretty texture and stunning detail. 

Though the strands are connected as a single necklace, wearing this piece feels like wearing multiple chains at once for a layered effect. The strands move around and intertwine for a tousled, undone look that is perfect for any occasion. 

The necklace weighs 24.25 grams and is 18 1/4” in length. It is marked as 18K ITALY and has an unidentified maker’s mark of an encircled A.  Circa 2000.

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