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18K Gold and Tanzanite Drop Earrings


Stunning blue tanzanites are set in 18k gold, with an emerald cut stone at the top and a teardrop shaped stone dangling from a delicate piece of gold chain. The tanzanites are a beautiful blue with purple undertones, rich and saturated, yet with a translucence that gives their blue shade a subtle and elegant quality. The earrings have beautiful movement as they dangle from the long chain, adding to their elegance, and making them perfect for any occasion. 

Tanzanite is one of the only trichroic gemstones, meaning it has the ability to display three colors within the same gemstone. As light passes though the gemstone, it vibrates in different planes, which causes the stone to show a different color depending on which axis you are looking at it. The three colors seen in this tanzanite are shades of blue, violet, and red. Tanzanite are rare stones that can only be found in a small mining area of Tanzania near the Mererani Hills.

The earrings are marked on the interior of the wire as 18k gold, and include the carat weight of the tanzanites. The emerald cut tanzanites measure 4.4 x 6.25 x 2.8, for a combined carat weight of 1.57 ; the teardrops measure approximately 10.6 x 6 mm, for a combined carat weight of 5.6. In total, the earrings contain over 7 carats of tanzanite, as marked on the interior, and weigh 2.25 grams. The earrings dangle approximately 2 inches below the ear. 

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