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18K Gold Ancient Coin Ring with First Jewish Revolt Coin


Ancient coins are often difficult to identify. This coin had some distinguishing symbols that were searchable—the amphora and leaf on the back—and we found that the coin has important historical significance. It was minted in Jerusalem in 67-70 A.D., during the First Jewish Revolt. The Jewish leaders of the revolt minted their own coins to establish that they were independent from Rome. In the first year of the revolt, the Jews struck coins from the Jewish Temple’s store of silver; in the second, third, and fourth years of the revolt (67-70 A.D.) bronze coins, such as this one, were issued. The coins depicted an amphora on the front with the date and Hebrew inscription “The Freedom of Zion” ; the reverse side of the coin featured a leaf. Both amphora and leaf are symbols of the Jewish Harvest Festival. 

The coin is held in an 18k gold ring. The bezel has a flat edge that gives the ring a structural effect and frames the coin well. The coin has a beautiful 2,000 year old patina that darkens the coin and makes a nice contrast with the 18k gold setting. 

The ring is unmarked and acid tests as 18k gold. The ring measures 3/4” across and weighs 12.19 grams. 

Ring size 10.5, this ring could be sized up or down a size. 

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