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15K Early Victorian Diamond and Blue Enamel Star Ring


This 15k gold early Victorian ring features a diamond encrusted star surrounded by navy blue enamel. Seven diamonds are bead set into a beautifully carved out star that is the focal point of the ring. The center diamond is an oblong shaped Old Mine Cut; the other six diamonds are Rose Cut. The deep blue enamel is in excellent condition and extends a third of the way around the band, culminating in a triangular point on each end. The ring has an organic shape that balloons out of the band to encase the star—the perfect compliment to the six points of the star. The metal around the diamonds has a nice patina that adds a mysterious element to the ring, while the antique diamonds and deep blue enamel make the ring moody and poetic. We date this ring to the 1850’s, making it a rare treasure in incredible condition for its age. 

The ring is unmarked but acid tests as 15k gold. The ring contains approximately 1/4 of a carat of natural antique diamonds. The face of the ring measures 7/16” and the bottom of the band measures 1/8”. The ring weighs 3.25 grams. 

Ring size 7.75; due to the enamel, we do not recommend resizing. 

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