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14K White Gold, Diamond, and Blue Topaz Ring 19+ Carats


This 14k white gold, diamond, and blue topaz ring contains a striking 19+ carat vibrant blue gemstone. The oval stone is beautifully cut with facets that reflect a myriad of Mediterranean blue magic. An elaborate, scrolling foliate pattern details the carriage of the ring, and a triad of diamond lines add sparkle to each side of the topaz—perfect against the 14k white gold. The blue topaz has mesmerizing depth to its sparkle, like a pool of water that comes to life under the sunlight. 

The blue topaz has an impressive carat weight of 19.2, and measures 9/16” x 3/4”. There are 23 diamonds, 1.25 mm each, for a diamond weight of .25 of a carat. The ring weighs 8.91 grams. A contemporary piece circa 2015. 

Ring size 6.25, and could be resized (up or down one size) by a professional. 

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