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14K Woven Gold Necklace with Buckle Clasp and Tassels


This beautiful woven gold necklace features a crossover adjustable clasp in the shape of a buckle. It is a Victorian revival piece that dates to the 1950's. It has the same attention to detail as the Victorian pieces.  The necklace is 5/8" thick and made up of a flexible weave of gold that fits fluidly over the neck. The entire length of the necklace 19 1/2" long from, tassel end to tassel end.  The part that fits around your neck is adjustable to 16" at the longest length.

The clasp opens and closes allowing for adjustability in a slide and lock fashion. The buckle which has black enamel details makes for a great accent.  The necklace ends with two flat tassels adding a lovely movement to the piece. The back is personalized with 12.25.57 making it a treasured Christmas gift from the 50's. It weighs 54.5 grams and is marked 14K.  In excellent condition.

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