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14K Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring


An elegant 14k Victorian ring, featuring a lively old mine cut diamond and a hand carved mount. The diamond is set in a 14 karat gold mount with six prongs, .45 carats, and it has a 4.6 mm diameter. The stone has a lot of sparkle and is G/H in color with a VS11 clarity. 

Old mine cut diamonds have a squarish shape with soft curved edges. These bulky proportions were developed by cutters so that the diamonds would sparkle under candlelight.

Old mine cut diamonds are cut by eye and hand and often have uneven facets and asymmetrical shape. This gives each diamond a unique charm.  Old mine cuts were popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, and due to their hand cut, individualized nature, they remain popular today. 

We love this piece, and think it would make a great engagement ring. It's elegant and lively, making it perfect for daily wear. It will fit a size 7 finger, weighs 3.8 grams, and is marked for 14k gold. 

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