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Victorian 14K Gold Oval Locket


This 14k Victorian locket is perfect for holding photos of a loved one. It has an intricate diamond shaped mandala on one side. The other side features a lyrical script with leaf and flower like flourishes. The initials are difficult to discern but offer nice texture and design qualities.

Inside the locket, there is a place for two photos. It has its original glass to protect the photographs too. The top of the piece has a split ring that opens up to attach a charm, if desired. The large bail allows it to be attached to bigger chains. This piece measures 3/4” wide by 1 3/4” from top to bottom and 1/4” thick. It weighs 6.3 grams.

This locket is a unique treasure. The care and craftsmanship of this piece make it a worthy candidate for storing photographs of somebody special. 

Circa 1890. Acid tested to be 14K gold.

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