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14K Victorian Era Signature Evil Eye Ring w/ Diamonds & Sapphires


Originally, a 14 karat Victorian era ring with a circle of diamonds surrounding the central sapphire stone, we added the exterior circle of graduated sapphires and engravings to transform the piece into a distinct eye shape. Our design is inspired by the evil eye, a quasi-universal symbol of protection that dates back to Greek Classical antiquity.

The lively diamonds are mine-cut and original to the piece. There are 8 diamonds in total all measuring about 2.5 mm and have a total carat weight of .25. The diamonds form a circle around the center sapphire, which measures .5 mm. The outer ring of graduated sapphires vary in size,  measuring from 1 mm to 2.5 mm in diameter. There are 18 total graduated sapphires, and the entire piece has .5 sapphire carat weight.

The ring measures 7 3/4 and weighs 13.2 grams. The largest part of the ring measures 11.3 mm and the narrowest part measures 4.7 mm. There is an engraving on the inside with the name “Joe’.

We love this ring. The design maintains its original Victorian era charm artfully recontextualised into something new.  A truly unique piece, this ring makes an incredible gift or addition to your jewelry collection!

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