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14K Victorian Buckle Earrings with Tassels

These are a gorgeous pair of bright yellow gold buckle earrings from the Victorian era, that dangle and end is lovely tassels. The tassel ends in a pointed shape the tassels are arranged in ascending order to the center. They show incredible hand-woven gold work. In fact, the entire earring has been meticulously hand crafted; the belt part of the buckle is also woven and as it hangs you can see its chevron patterning created through the strands of gold. The textures are remarkable and the attention to detail is notable. The buckle part of the earring also has hand-carved gold work depicting organic curling motifs reminiscent of leaves and branches. The earrings are each approximately 1-1/2 inches as they dangle down from the pierced ear. The earring backs are generous so that they hold the buckle in place and it doesn't droop. This keeps the earring mobile yet steady. The movement in these earrings is what makes them extra special. They have been acid tested to 14K gold but remain unmarked. Together the earrings weigh 12.8 grams. Circa 1880. In great condition for their age and a wonderful addition to any antique earring collection.

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