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14K Rose Gold Faceted Nephrite Jade Ring


A marquise-shaped jade sits on top of a ribbon-like basket of 14k rose gold, accentuated on each side with a flower that appears to tie the ribbons in place. The moss green of the faceted stone and the rosey hue of the 14k gold compliment each other beautifully—a surprising color palette that brings a retro look to this unique ring. Circa the 1940’s, the ring feels like it could be straight out of a Tennessee Williams play.

In China, jade is seen as a metaphor for human virtues due to its durability, strength, and beauty—the Chinese philosopher Confucius famously said the virtue of man is like jade. It is a highly sought after stone for its high lustre, translucency and alleged health benefits. In ancient China, nephrite jade was used for ceremonial objects, and it is believed that jade is particularly beneficial for women in menopause, as the cooling stone may provide some relief from hot flashes.

The ring is marked as 14k gold on the interior of the band. The nephrite jade measures 21 x 7.8 mm, and the ring weighs 3.6 grams. 

Size 8.5, with the ability to be resized. 

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