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14K Rose Gold and Onyx Mourning Chain and Locket


This Victorian era mourning chain features links of black onyx studded with 14k rose gold. The matching locket is a beautifully carved shield-shaped tablet of onyx with a 14k gold dragonfly. Although this piece is around 150 years old, it transfers seamlessly into contemporary fashion, with a gothic, modern look. The near-perfect condition of this piece is astounding—especially for onyx—and this gorgeous antique is museum quality. 

Originally a piece of mourning jewelry, the locket has a removable back with a gold- framed space for a picture. The dragonfly on the front is dimensional with beautifully articulated wings, carved detail, a nicely segmented body, and red enamel eyes. The locket has a great spring ring so that it can be removed from the chain and swapped out with other charms for a variety of looks. 

The chain consists of individually made onyx links, hand-drilled and embellished with 14k gold hexagon-shaped pointed studs. The links are connected by ovular gold bails for an alternating pattern of gold and black. 

The chain measures approximately 18.5”, and the locket hangs about 2 3/4” beneath the chain. The removable onyx locket measures 1 7/8” x 1 1/4”. 

This is a rare piece in excellent condition. 

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