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14K Modern Architectural Ring with Amethyst


This gorgeous amethyst and 14k Modernist ring is a true gem! Absolutely original in design and flare, this ring feels like you’re wearing a small sculpture.

The top of the ring is 9.9 mm wide by 19.8 mm long. A purple amethyst cabochon is bezel set and lifted 4.6 mm from the surface. The amethyst measures 4.4 mm in diameter. The purple tones compliment the 14k gold well. Next to the amethyst are five small 14k elements that resemble seedling plants, transforming this design into a modernist take on a floral landscape.

The widest part of the band is 9.9 mm and the narrowest part is 5.8 mm. It’s a size 7 1/4 ring that weighs 12 grams. There are no markings but it has been acid tested to 14k gold.

This ring has a bold, architectural design that oozes confidence and durability. It would be a great modern vintage item to have and wear everyday!

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