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14K Gold Women’s Empowerment Vulva Pendant Charm


This 14k gold vulva pendant is the perfect symbol of empowerment. It can be worn as a powerful symbol of womanhood, with many interpretations to its meaning—a woman’s right to her own body, women’s healthcare issues, the power of a life giving force—and would make a meaningful piece of jewelry for a doula, doctor, activist or anyone embracing their womanhood. The shape of the pendant is reminiscent of an Our Lady of Guadalupe painting, and at first glance, appears to be a religious medallion. The multitude of symbolism makes this pendant a tiny piece of art. 

The vintage pendant is unmarked, but acid tests as 14k gold. It weighs 7.5 grams and is 1 1/4” x 7/16” with a 6mm bail. 

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