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14K Gold Watch Chain Bracelet with Slide


Originally, this would have been used as a watch chain for a lady’s pocket watch, but it is also the perfect length for a bracelet. Two gold rope chains pass through a hexagon shaped slide that’s decorated with pearls and garnets. A hand-engraved geometric detail slices around it, complimenting the hexagonal shape. The pearls and garnets were set into the gold by carving out tiny indentations, and then pulling small tags of gold forward to hold the stones in place. Tiny carvings around the stones create star patterns. The slide is secure enough that it stays in the center, but has just enough movement to make this a great piece. 

The length of the chain is 6 7/8” and the slide is 1/2” x 1/4”. The weight is 7.2 grams. 

Circa the Edwardian era. 

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