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14K Gold Vintage Mesh Diamond Buckle Ring


This beautifully woven wide mesh gold band is a statement in elegance. The mesmerizing pattern of the weave adds a gorgeous texture to the band, culminating in a central buckle for a classic look. On the buckle, sixteen single cut diamonds are bead set into white gold to create linear contrast against the the woven yellow gold. The weave is a very high-quality—it draws in the eye—and the thick band has presence on the hand. 

Each diamond measures at .15 mm, roughly .21 of a carat in total. The 16 diamonds are bright and lively with good color and clarity. The ring weighs 8.3 grams; the band is 3/8” wide and the buckle is 1/2” x 3/8”. 

Circa 1980’s, buckles are a repeating motif in jewelry, signifying everlasting love and “locking love in”. 

Fits a size 6-6.5 

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