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14K Gold Vintage Medusa Ring


This 14k gold vintage ring is a three-dimensional sculpture of the face of Medusa. A heavier piece with incredible detail, the ring is modeled after Rondanini’s version of the Greek myth, which depicts Medusa as a disembodied winged head. She has a classically beautiful face, and her hair consists, iconically, of snakes winding above her head. Abstracted versions of the snakes weave through her hair and wrap around the band of the ring. The two largest snakes are topped with tiny sapphires, and single cut diamonds are placed in Medusa’s eyes. The gold has great patina that adds depth to sculptural features and give the surface of the ring a satiny finish. 

Medusa is a monster of Greek mythology, infamous for her head of snakes and ability to turn anyone who looked in her eyes into stone. Her and her two sisters were Gorgons—fierce guardians of the underworld—yet Medusa was the only sister who was mortal. She was infamously beheaded by Perseus with the help of Hermes and Athena, and her children Pegasus and Chrysaor were said to have sprung from her neck during her decapitation. Even after she was beheaded, Medusa’s gaze still had power. Athena placed Medusa’s head on her shield and used it for protection and to ward off evil by turning her enemies into stone. 

Like Athena’s shield, this ring can be worn as a talisman that empowers and protects whoever wears it.  

The face of the ring measures 1” x 3/4”. The ring weighs 19 grams. It is marked as 14k gold. 

Ring size 8.5. The ring could be resized, but not much due to its sculptural nature.

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