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14K Gold Vintage Italian Multi-Gemstone Necklace


This 14k gold vintage Italian necklace features seven bezel set stones of various colors, providing a rainbow of gems. The stones are connected by elongated tubelike links, creating an intricate texture that looks fantastic layered with other chains. The gems hang lower on the neck while the back half of the necklace is comprised of just the gold links, adding a little pop of jewel tone colors around the neck. 

The necklace contains two orangey citrines, two lavender-colored amethysts, two deep red garnets, and a fuchsia pink tourmaline: a gorgeous array of colors with a wonderful balance of warm and cool hues. All the gems are oval-shaped and measure 4 x 6 mm. Each tubelike link measures approximately 1/2”. 

The necklace contains the maker’s mark for ORITALIA and is marked as 14k gold. It is 17 3/4” long and weighs 12.5 grams. 

This is a fun, festive piece—playful and perfect for summer. 

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