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14K Gold Victorian Undulating Turquoise and Pearl Flower Pin


This 14k gold Victorian pin has an undulating flower form with curved petals that spiral like a sea anemone. Floral and oceanic, the pin has an organic quality to it that seems simple at first but draws in the eye to reveal the design’s intricacies. The flower is a fractal, its spirals mirror each other in delicate detail. In the center of the pin, a large pearl symbolizes a piston. The pearl has a beautiful luster—a white glow with overtones of pink and blue. The petal-like appendages are each adorned with a turquoise cabochon that adds a pop of color. 

The pin is unmarked but acid tests as 14k. The pearl measures 6.2 mm; the turquoise cabochons measure 2.25 mm. The pin is 1 1/8” across and weighs 6.65 grams. 

Brooches are gaining popularity in contemporary fashion, and this piece looks adorable on a jean jacket. It has a small hook on the back that allows an additional charm or adornment to be attached. The hook also allows the brooch to hang on a chain as a pendant. 

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