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14K Gold Victorian Seed Pearl Swallow Charm


Pave set with 17 seed pearls, this 14k gold charm shows a swallow in flight with open wings. The bird is beautifully designed with tiny garnet cabochons for the eyes, and a pearl delineated with tiny lines as the bird’s adorable “hairdo”. The seed pearls have a nice blue luster to them and the swallow is beautifully rendered with impeccable attention to detail. 

In Victorian era jewelry, swallows were seen as a romantic symbol, representing faithfulness, as swallows mate for life. Swallow jewelry was often given to someone going on a long journey to bring them a safe return home. 

Part of Kirsten’s Corner Signature Collection, this piece was recently converted from a stickpin into a pendant—preserving its timelessness but also allowing it to be worn as a fashionable charm. In the early and mid 1800s, it was customary for upper class men to wear stickpins to secure their ties and cravats. Pins were also worn on the lapels of coats, and incorporated into hats. Eventually, women took interest in wearing stickpins and began using them on scarves. The style and function of these items continued to evolve over time. 

The piece weighs .81 grams and 1” x 1/2”. It is unmarked but acid tests as 14k gold. 

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