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14K Gold Signature Egyptian Revival Vulture Pendant-Charm


This 14k gold medallion charm is part of the Kirsten’s Corner signature “Cute as a Button” collection. It's handcrafted from a Victorian-era button and features the Egyptian vulture goddess Nekhbet.

Nekhbet is the protector of Upper Egypt and its rulers. She is the patron goddess of fertility and childbirth, and was believed to be present at the birth of Osiris. She is referred to as the “Mother of Mothers, who hath existed from the Beginning.” She is often depicted spreading her wings over the pharaoh, but here she is seen standing in profile with a lotus flower, a symbol of creation, rebirth, and regeneration. The pendant also features a plethora of Egyptian motifs including a scarab and a tablet of hieroglyphics.

The back of the charm has the original detail from the button, offering a rustic design touch.

Button charms were a fad in the Victorian-era and thought of as "memory strings". They are a unique way to add personal meaning and symbolism to fashion. This charm looks great alone or stacked with other “Cute as a Button” charms. 

This piece weighs 4 grams and is approximately 3/4 inch in diameter.

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