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14K Gold Victorian Inspired Belt Buckle Ring


This 14k gold Victorian inspired ring is the perfect expression of everlasting love. Made popular by Queen Victoria, buckle rings were a favorite motif during the 19th century and have remained in fashion ever since. The buckle symbolizes an unbreakable love held securely in place, and an everlasting connection to loved ones. This brand new ring is a reinterpretation of the classic design. It is well-delineated and has a great width. One of our favorite details is that the tiny hole on the buckle goes all the way through, just like a real belt. 

The ring weighs 6.7 grams. The band is 1/4” wide (3/8” wide at the buckle). It is marked as 14k gold. This is a new piece that has never been worn. 

Size 8.75 and could be resized. 

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