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14K Gold Victorian Forget-Me-Not-Orb Pendant with Enamel


This 14k gold Victorian era orb pendant is a touching way to symbolize a special memory. The orb shape is delineated by squares dividing the orb into six sections, each filled with forget-me-not flowers. Wirework creates reservoirs that are filled with periwinkle, yellow, and green enamel--cheerful colors that make this a joyful piece. Stippling around the flowers adds texture that give depth and an added layer of beauty. 

Forget-me-not flowers were a popular motif in Victorian jewelry, used to symbolize true love and devotion. Today, they are often used to commemorate a special time or memory that won’t be forgotten. This piece could be worn as a beautiful sentiment by someone who is away from their significant other for work or travel, or could make a great gift to represent far away people and places. 

The orb measures 5/8” across and weighs 4 grams. It has a 7mm bail. On very close inspection, there is minor enamel loss on the bottom of the orb. It does not detract from the piece and is to be expected for a piece of this age. 

Circa 1880’s or 1890’s. 

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