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14K Gold Victorian Etruscan Revival Multi-Strand Bracelet with Tassel


M Every detail of this 14k gold Etruscan Revival bracelet is stunning and well-crafted. A beautiful combination of multi-strand foxtail chains, Etruscan Revival detailing, and Rose Cut diamonds, this is a perfect piece. The eight strands of foxtail chain are lined up next to each other, suggesting fluidity, and each strand is squared-off and woven onto itself. The effect is hypnotic. Along the bracelet’s interior, the jeweler tag-welded the strands together in several places so that they don’t separate or tangle. The strands are held in rectangular clasps, hand-engraved with bright cut work. The clasps slide into each other to close around the wrist. 

Suspended from the bracelet’s clasp is a fabulous dome-topped tassel where the classic Etruscan Revival detailing is evident. The dome is decorated with hand-engravings and black enamel, with a border of Rose Cut diamonds that vary in shape from round to oblong. Single strands of fine foxtail chain dangle from the dome, each strand ending in a tiny ball. The strands are in perfect condition, and not a single strand is missing the ball. The tassel adds a fun and playful element to the bracelet. 

The bracelet weighs 68.5 grams. It is 7 5/16” long and 1” thick. The 18 diamonds are approximately 2.75mm each. The tassel hangs approximately 2” below the clasp. Circa 1880.

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