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14K Gold Victorian King of Hearts Whist Marker Pendant


This Kirsten’s Corner signature, Victorian era, Whist game marker piece has a 14k bezel setting around it. Each bezel setting is carefully handcrafted surrounding the porcelain whist marker. The front is a painted porcelain king of hearts, and the back of the whist marker the word “simple” is painted in beautiful script. These iconic pieces can be worn as a pendant or charm.

Originally, this marker piece was used as a device for recording score in the popular Victorian era card game Whist, known as the intellectual game of its time. 

In cartomancy the king of hearts card evokes abundance and financial success. He was also known as the King of France, Charles VII. During the Classical era the king's image was standardized by 16th century French card makers. In the tarot, kings are associated with with the number thirteen, representing love and unity. The King of Hearts is a very powerful symbol, also known as the card of love. Because this king was said to have been reborn after a heart-break, he is the experienced, master of love, who once knew both the joys and the pains of romance. The king of hearts is wise, and constant.

This attractive pendant is a collectable antique bringing an air of history to the present moment, while also serving as a protective harbinger.

The dimensions are 1 1/8 of an inch in diameter and 3/8 of an inch in depth. The whist marker is porcelain and from 1850, there is some wear to the gold luster on the back of the maker. The 14K gold bezel is custom and done by Kirsten's Corner. 7.5 grams.

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