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14K Gold Tiffany & Co. Retro Leaf Brooch


14K Gold Tiffany & Co.  Retro Leaf Brooch 

Elegant and simplistic in design, this leaf in yellow and white 14k gold is a classic Tiffany & Co. piece. A pearl sits on the crosshatched gold, looking like a drop of dew. Down the center of the leaf is the use of white gold as a stem that creates a timeless look. The leaf has a patina that gives depth to the piece, highlighting the beautiful crosshatching work so that it resembles an etching. Circa the 1940’s this retro piece is simple and stunning. 

The brooch is marked as 14k gold, Tiffany & Co., and Germany. Its trombone clasp dates the piece to the retro era, and provides secure closure when worn. The brooch weighs 8.2 grams and is approximately 2 1/2” x 7/8”. 

Looks great on a blazer or jean jacket. 

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