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14K Gold & Sterling Silver Belle Epoque Diamond Necklace


This stunning and classic beauty from the Belle Epoque era is not to be missed! A diamond sea shell inspired pendant hangs on a platinum chain, replete with luminous diamonds. The platinum  chain measures 8 inches from each side, and this attaches to the pendant jewel from two pig tail loops on the back. The pendant features a latch for a bale for hanging from a separate chain, the pig tail loops for the included chain, and it can also be worn as a brooch. This superb piece is very versatile, and a classic piece from the Belle Epoque. At the center of the pendant is a raised sea-shell shape, encrusted with many rose cut diamonds that fan out, and an old mine cut diamond on a buttercup setting at the center. Around this section, many other diamonds continue to orbit the oval form. The entire pendant is made up of smaller rose cut diamonds (approximately 2-2.5 mm in size) and larger rose cut diamonds at significant points, which measure 3-5mm in size. The pendant is a continuous flowing line of gemstones that catch light to refract and reflect at every angle. The diamonds are arranged in descending order, some bead set, and all hand-picked to fit into the remarkable organic design. From the bottom of the pendant, a lovely old mine cut, pear-shaped diamond in a flower prong setting dangles with movement. This diamond measures approximately 6 x 4.5 mm in size and is approximately 0.46 carats in diamond weight.

There are many diamonds on the pendant piece, including a diamond detail bar with three 2mm gemstones on the chain. The diamonds are ranging in color from G-J and have clarities of VS2- SL1.

There are 6 old mine cut diamonds measuring 4mm, 6 mine cut diamonds measuring 3.5mm, 1 old mine cut diamond measuring 5mm , and over 34 rose cut diamonds in many sizes and 1 pear shaped old mine cut diamond. Together we have approximately 5.6 carats of diamond weight, as per formula.

The pendant itself is made of 14K gold on the back, and sterling silver on the front. A perfect design to complement such a display of bright diamonds! If we turn the pendant we can see that the rose gold is showing, as it was once plated with white gold, but since has aged. The necklace and pendant are in great condition for their age. The pendant is marked Birks Estate - 14K - Sterling on the brooch; the piece and necklace have been acid tested.

The chain has has a slight modification over the years, and has been extended by 1/2 an inch at either side. The extension of the chain is not noticeable unless you are looking closely. This piece was made to be worn by a fine lady from the turn of the century, a time when extremely slender necks were the standard in beauty! Today the necklace fits comfortably for any neck, 16 inches around. The necklace weighs 5.2 grams and the pendant measures approximately 2 x 1 inches and weighs 15.9 grams.

This lavish diamond pendant necklace is a fine example from the Belle Epoque, or beautiful era. A high quality piece such as this one is a rare find!

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