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14K Gold Sagittarius Enameled Moon and Star Pendant


This large 14k gold medallion pendant is beautifully sculpted with the image of Sagittarius the archer amid a background of stars. In the image, Sagittarius is muscular and godlike; he pulls back the bow and arrow with flexed biceps. The buildup of stars on top of stars—layered into the surface of the gold, and then again, carved out with red and blue enamel—creates a galaxy within the medallion. A crescent moon to the left of the warrior adds a beautiful pop of royal blue enamel. 

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius was an immortal centaur who was considered the teacher of medicine, hunting, and music. The constellation can be seen in the night sky from late autumn to early spring. This great celestial piece of jewelry is perfect for someone with the Sagittarius zodiac sign—but also for anyone with the spirit of a warrior and a love for the night sky. 

The medallion measures 1 1/2” across. From top to bottom (including the 8.8 mm bail) it measures 1 7/8”. It weighs 15.5 grams. 

Marked on the back as 14k gold. 

Circa the 1970’s or 1980’s. The medallion is pictured here on the 18K Gold Italian Vintage Curb and Infinity Link Chain.

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