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14K Gold Rose Cut Diamond Drop Necklace


At the focal point of this elegant Victorian-era drop necklace are three antique diamonds suspended from a bow and navette. The diamonds are Dutch rose cut, with layers of facets cut by hand, making each diamond one-of-a-kind with its own unique way of reflecting light. The largest, bottom diamond appears round, and the diamonds descend in size, with the middle and top diamond taking a more oval shape. The necklace has a 14k gold back and a silver front—a traditional way of mounting jewelry in the Victorian era. The beautiful diamonds rest in a silver backing, so the stones catch the light and reflect it brilliantly.

The diamonds are topped by a bow, which contains seven smaller rose-cut diamonds, surrounded by millegrain details that add subtle texture. A transitional bar connects the bow to the teardrop section, and features an eighth diamond set in a navette shaped mount.

The bow, navette, and diamond trio are articulated, so there is lots of movement while worn, adding to piece’s elegance.

The necklace is circa 1890’s. Kirsten’s Corner has added an antique platinum chain that pairs beautifully with the style and time period of the piece. The Art Deco chain has delicate, elongated links and is circa 1910.

The largest diamond is 6.5 x 7mm; the middle diamond is 5.5 x 5.75mm; and the top diamond is 4.65x 3.45mm. The eight smaller diamonds along the bow and navette range from 2.5 to 1.6 mm. The necklace contains approximately two carats of diamonds.

The necklace weighs 6.85 grams and is 18 inches in length. The diamonds drop down two inches.

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