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14K Gold Mid-Century Spider Necklace with Pearl and Rubies


An adorable 14k gold spider suspends from a baby curb link chain in a manner that makes it appear that he is weaving his web. There’s a lifelike feel to the position of the spider—it expresses movement and body language. The spider’s thorax is represented with a large pearl, and his eyes are made of two beautiful rubies. Lines are engraved into the spider’s legs to indicate his joints and suggest the little creature’s agility. There is detailing along his stomach on the underside of the pendant as well.

The 14k gold baby curb link chain 21” long, so the spider hangs mid-neck, on the sternum bone, a great length for this piece, allowing for the necklace to be stacked with other chains, perhaps a smaller chain above it, or larger chain below. The pearl is 7.25 mm and the spider measures 1” x 7/8”. The necklace weighs 5 grams. 

A fun piece for an arachnid lover! 

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