Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Landscape Agate Pendant


This 14k gold Landscape Agate pendant is a Kirsten’s Corner Signature piece. Landscape Agate is formed when the crystalline structure of the rock is still molten. The liquid is arrested in place to create shapes that, even after they harden, appear to be fluid. Patterns resembling trees, flowers, and hillsides can often be seen in Landscape Agate, hence its name. The intricacy of these agate structures is hard to believe--they often look like paintings that belong on a museum wall. 

This particular piece of agate is a translucent amber, with reddish black dots that cascade through the rock as if ink dropped in water. When held up to the light, the red hues glow. The agate is cut into a rectangular shape with curved sides, bezel set into 14k gold with an oval bail. It is minimalist and non-representational, organic and zen. 

The pendant is 1” by 1/2”, not including the bail. The bail is 5 x7 mm. It weighs 2.26 grams. 

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