Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Lady of the Water Signature Medallion Pendant


The image on this 14k gold medallion was originally taken from an Art Nouveau locket. Kirsten’s Corner created a mold using the face of the locket, and then hand-carved details to emphasize and add depth to the original design. The maiden is surrounded by long flowing hair that morphs into the water that surrounds her. She wears the water wrapped around her almost like a negligee, revealing her bare breasts in the seductive, graceful image. The nine-sided medallion has soft angles and could be engraved on the back. 

Part of Kirsten’s Corner Signature Collection. Since each piece is individually carved it is a one-of-a-kind Art Nouveau inspired contemporary piece. The medallion weighs 6.1 grams. It has a 7/8” diameter, with an oval bail that is 5 x 7.3 mm. 

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