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14K Gold Imperial Russian Locket with Rubies & Sapphires


This is an immaculate 14k gold Imperial Russian locket with rubies and sapphires. It’s superbly hand crafted and exhibits the striking features of Russian jewelry. The locket is acid wash, creating a delicate matte finish. The hand engraving is bright cut with the engraved parts catching the light nicely and highlighting the line work. The lid closely tightly and perfectly. The inside can fit two pictures, delicate fames of gold can be removed to insert photos. Original glass is not intact but has thin plastic ovals instead. 

The engraving is a lyrical floral motif of a branch with dangling fruits. At the center of the fruits are two sapphires and one ruby. They all measure about 2.2 mm adding a delicate touch of color to the design. 

This locket weighs 8.6 grams and measures about 1 1/8” by 1 1/2” in size. It has the Second Kokoshnik markings dating this locket to 1908-1926. It's marked for the city of either Odessa or Don. I have not been able to identify the makers mark, but they are present. 

The care and craftsmanship put into this piece cannot be missed. It can be worn as a pendant with a chain of your choice. The bail measures about 3 mm fitting an array of chain sizes. This rare piece would make an amazing gift or addition to your jewelry collection! 

Circa 1915

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