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14K Gold Figural Adam and Eve Pendant with Ruby and Pearl


In a 14k gold rectangular pendant, Adam and Eve are framed under the Tree of Knowledge as the snake looms in the branches. The image is rendered in three dimensions, much like a diorama or shadow box. Adam and Eve stand in the foreground, while the tree creates two more layers of depth behind them. This positioning of Adam and Eve has been replicated countless times in art history, and this pendant is a classic take on the image. A pearl represents a boulder that Adam sits on, and Eve hands Adam a ruby symbolic of an apple. 

The first layer of this sculptural pendant has a shiny finish to the 14k gold, and the layers behind it have a matte finish that gives this piece nice contrast and a lot of depth. The backside of the pendant has a beautiful textured matte finish that creates tree bark. 

In the story of Adam and Eve, eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was forbidden. Tempted by a serpent, Eve eats an apple from the tree and then gives it to Adam. They immediately become aware and self-conscious of their nudity, as the apple gives them godlike knowledge. Though they gain wisdom, they also gain the ability to understand evil—a responsibility that humankind would have to bear from then on. 

The pendant hangs from an oval bail (8 x 5.3mm) that can accommodate a thicker chain. It weighs 10.45 grams and is 1” x 3/4”. The pearl is 5.5mm and the single cut ruby is 2mm. 

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