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14K Gold Etruscan Revival Lover’s Knot Bracelet with Garnets and Pearls


Circa 1880’s, this 14k gold Etruscan Revival bracelet has a lover’s knot motif adorned with pearls and garnets. The central part of the bracelet consists of matching graduating curb links that extend from the main section into smaller, tighter curb links along the outside. The links have twisted wirework that undulates in a snake like fashion, wrapping around the links in a way that gives the illusion of motion. Tiny circles and granulation create an elaborate treatment on the surface of the gold in a pretty Etruscan Revival detail. This is an unusual design with romantic symbolism. The bracelet seems to be created by two entities: one adorned with pearls, the other with garnets. The lover’s knots intertwine in a way that makes it hard to know where one begins and the other ends. 

The links are made from 14k gold. They are hollow, but masterfully made, and the gold seems to be rolled onto itself. A hidden clasp continues the curb link design. The clasp is very sturdy, and has a safety chain for added security. There are some dents on the clasp, but they are not noticeable when the piece is being worn, and because the clasp is original to the piece and still in great condition, we decided not to alter it in order to keep the integrity of the piece in tact. 

The bracelet weighs 10.3 grams. The widest curb links are 13/16” and the narrowest links are 1/4”. There are 8 pearls and 8 garnets. The bracelet fits a 5 3/4” - 6 1/2” size wrist. 

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