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Victorian 14K Gold Enameled Fox Pendant with Diamond Halo


This is incredible, one-of-a-kind piece is part of the Kirsten’s Corner Signature Collection. We fell in love with this 14k gold hand-painted fox—a treasure from the Victorian era—and added a diamond halo and 14k gold bail to covert the piece into a cunning pendant! 

The clever fox is full of charm. It is hand-painted in multiple colors with translucent enamel that allows the sheen of the gold to come through while highlighting the rust and white tones of the fox. Black lines delineate the facial features of the fox, who appears to be grinning and has a sly look in his eye. The high-bas relief gives this piece a wonderful dimensionally: the face of the fox extends 5/8 of an inch, giving him depth and a lifelike quality. 

The Victorian jewelry component was masterfully integrated with a diamond halo. 58 diamonds set in 14k gold frame the fox. The diamonds are bright and lively—G in color and VS-II in clarity. They are bead set, and the setting was treated with blackened gold, which contrasts the diamonds and offsets the black details of the fox, vividly highlighting the charming details of the piece. 

This pendant would look perfect on the chain of your choice. The fox is in near-perfect condition, so in order to protect its pristine enamel, we recommend wearing this piece by itself on a chain, or layered with other necklaces that won’t come in contact with or rub against the fox. 

The pendant contains approximately half of a carat of diamonds. Each of the 58 diamonds measures at 1.2mm. The pendant measures 1 1/8” wide and 5/8” high. The round bail is 7.5mm. Both the fox and the setting are 14k gold, and the inner bar of the fox is marked with “14k” and weighs 11.65 grams.

This signature piece is one-of-a-kind and will make a clever addition to your jewelry collection. 

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