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14K Gold Enamel Ladybug Charm


This 14k gold enamel ladybug charm is perched and ready to take off into flight. Its red enamel wings—dotted with adorable black spots—are lifted to reveal its black and white polka dotted body. The black enamel head has two tiny white eyes that give the bug personality. The body is delineated by 14k gold that outlines each colored section of enamel.  Six little 14k gold legs stick out from the underside of the bug. The charm reminds of us catching ladybugs as children and holding them carefully in our hands as they prepared to fly away. 

The charm is marked on the back with 14k and Germany. It measures 5/16” x 7/16” with an additional 5 mm round bail. It weighs .91 grams. 

The perfect gift for someone who is about to take flight on a new journey! 

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