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14K Gold Egyptian Revival Nekhbet Charm


Part of Kirsten’s Corner’s Cute as a Button series, this 14k gold charm was cast from a Victorian era button. It features a side profile view of the goddess Nekhbet wearing her traditional vulture headdress. The charm is medallion-shaped with a nice weight to it and feels like an ancient coin. We’ve given the background of the medallion a matte patina, and Nekhbet’s portrait a high gloss polish so that it pops against the background. 

Nekhbet was the goddess of childbirth in ancient Egyptian religion and mythology. She is typically depicted wearing a vulture headdress or as a being with a vulture head and human body. She was considered the protector of Upper Egypt. She is often seen in Victorian era jewelry, as part of the Egyptian Revival of the 1880’s. 

The pendant measures 13/16” across with a 4 x 6 mm bail. It weighs 8.3 grams. 

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