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14K Gold Edwardian Long Chain with Natural Mississippi River Pearls with GIA


This highly versatile chain features an intriguing link and gorgeous Natural Mississippi River pearls. The chain alternates between a dog bone link and an oblong link connected to jump rings on each end. This is an unusual link, very pretty and delicate. Starting at the top of the chain, natural river pearls ascend in size, each one placed across from a pearl of similar size to create symmetry. The pearls are baroque pearls, organic and freeform in shape. They have a delicate rainbow opalescent to them and a luminous white nacre in excellent condition. 

The long continuous 14k gold chain is 57”. It can be worn looped one, two, or even three times around the neck, with many options for the placement of the pearls, and looks beautiful stacked with other necklaces. It weighs 34.5 grams. 

Natural Mississippi River pearls were found years ago during the pearl button rush in Muscatine, Iowa. It’s a curious and little known fact that in the early 1900's you could find magnificent pearls in the Mississippi River town of Muscatine, Iowa. Muscatine was the source of 40% of all pearl buttons in the world. Pearls from the river are now incredibly rare and Mississippi River pearl jewelry is hard to find. We were so intrigued by these pearls that we sent them to GIA for certification. The pearls came back as white baroque natural freshwater pearls, from the mollusk family Unionidae. The large size of these pearls makes them even more rare, as it is hard to find pearls that were undisturbed in a natural habitat long enough to grow to this size. Pictures of the GIA Certification are included here, and the GIA paperwork comes with the necklace. 

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