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14K Gold Edwardian Elgin Pocket Watch


This Edwardian pocket watch is a treasure that dates to 1904. It is an Elgin watch in excellent working condition, with beautiful detail and intricate mechanical design. The attractive case is 14k gold, with the monogram EBC engraved on the back. The initials are written in a lyrical font, so they read as a decorative element. The face of the watch is kiln fired white enamel, and the hands are blued steel. The back of the watch opens up to reveal the words “Blanche from Mother, Jan. 9 1904”. 

The watch still keeps time and has working hour, minute, and second hands—with the second hands moving around a sub-dial. It is a mechanical wind watch with safety pinions that act as buffers to protect the main spring wheels and keep the watch running. The body of the watch opens up so that the gears are accessible for winding and cleaning. As with any mechanical watch, cleaning is advised every few years. The watch opens three different ways, providing access to the gears, the watch face, and the interior of the case.

Manufactured by Elgin Watch Company, this is a high quality piece produced by the best watch company in the United States. Elgin Watch Company was founded in 1864 in Illinois, and was the largest watchmaking site in the world for nearly 100 years. 

The interior body of the watch contains the case number 10135113. It is marked “Elgin Nat’l Watch Co. U.S.A.” and is decorated with a beautiful engine turned pattern. The outer case is marked “Roy”, indicating it is a Roy Watch Case, and “U.S.A.SSAY”, 14k, with the case number 355315. Weight 33 grams and measures 33mm across with the glass face measuring 28mm.

This special piece will make a wonderful gift or addition to your collection. 

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