Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Diamond Micro Pave LOVE Necklace


Suspended on a delicate 14k gold chain are 4 micro pave diamond letters that spell the word LOVE. The letters are spaced close enough together so that the word love is easy to read, but with enough width between them to allow the letters to dangle playfully along the clavicle. The diamonds add just enough sparkle to make the letters pop. Each letter hangs from a bail—the V slightly off-kilter— to allow for a fun movement that matches the personality of the piece. 

The chain is 15 3/4” long. Each letter is approximately 3/8” x 3/8”. The bails attached to each letter are laser-welded into place, so that they remained fixed along the chain 3/4” of an inch apart. Each diamond is .75 mm, bead set into the micro pave. The necklace weighs 1.67 grams. 

A Kirsten’s Corner Signature piece. 

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