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14K Gold Carnelian Justice Intaglio Signet Ring


This is a spectacular carved carnelian 14 karat gold signet ring. It is part of Kirsten's Corner signature line.  Starting with a beautifully carved carnelian intaglio a simple but sophisticated 14 karat gold bezel set mount was designed.  The carnelian Intaglio tablet measures 26mm x 22mm x 5mm and is bezel set. The ring has a sleek modern profile and works well as a unisex ring.  The ring weighs 20.6 grams and is a size 7 1/2. It can be resized up of down a size or two. 

The image on the intaglio is complex, composed of many parts. The amorial bearing pictures drapery held up by floral bouquets. In front of that is shield with a lamb holding a flag (the figure of a lamb carrying a cross and standing on a mount is the sign of Christ crucified); or Agnus Dei with the vexillum. Below the lamb is a caduceus and anchor. The caduceus was the staff carried by Hermes and the anchor symbolizes hope. The shield is topped by a  Knights helmet. On top of the helmet is lady justice hold a scale and a sword. Being blindfold represents impartiality, the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status. 

The history of the origin of the intaglio is unknown to me.  These carnelian stones were often used as wax seals and were popular from 1840s-1880's. Perhaps this belonged to a barrister.  It will appeal today to those who seek justice.

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